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Nucerity Skincare Products

I use Nucerity skin care products for treatments with acupuncture in my office for my facial rejuvenation treatments.  They are proven to work topically with burns,scars, rosacea psoriasis and acne  to create an overall healing for the face body and skin for a more youthful healthy face and body.   


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Slenderiiz Healthy Weight Loss Products

Slenderiiz are homeopathic drops that heal the digestive system for healthy weight loss.    "You not only lose the weight,  your cravings begin to disappear, your energy increases, your muscles get stronger, and you start enjoying life.  Each and everyone of my patients, who have started on this program are very satisfied and happy.  This system not only helps you with the weight loss, It actually transforms your body."   Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation with Janet and find out more          

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Nutrifii Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements for optimal health. Vitamins, minerals, omegas, and more. 

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