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$ 95.00 Initial consultation and 1st treatment

 $75.00 subsequent treatments

Session: -initial - approx 1 1/2hour

includes body acupuncture and cupping and/or moxibustion when needed.
            : -subsequent approx 1 hour

includes body acupuncture and cupping and /or moxibustion when needed


3 treatments -$210.00.

-savings of $15.00

5 treatments- $325 .00 

- savings of $50.00

not including the initial consultation and treatment

Weight loss package:


Includes: 3 acupuncture treatments and  -Splendix homeopathic drops-  World leader in weight loss technology


Facial Rejuvenation

$150.00 per session​
Session: approx: 1  1/2 hour
Includes facial and body acupuncture​
and: facial exercises to strengthen the muscles in the  to reduce sagging skin

​Treating fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin,  (Turkey neck) acne, acne scars, facial scars. (scar therapy)  It really is treating the skin from the inside out. 

Package for facial rejuvenation includes - 5 treatments $600.00 savings of  $150.00



Pacific Blue Cross





Great West Life

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I use Nucerity skincare in my office for rejuvenating the skin.  It is fabulous for  Rosacea, Psoriasis, eczema, burns, scars, acne prone skin,  serious acne scars, ageing skin,  sagging skin (turkey neck) and burns.  You can view it online using the button below.  It really penetrates to deepest layers to recondition the skin.

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